Head Buzz That Was Continuous
Salvia officinalis ('Berggarten')
by Jeff
Citation:   Jeff. "Head Buzz That Was Continuous: An Experience with Salvia officinalis ('Berggarten') (exp89203)". Erowid.org. Dec 8, 2019. erowid.org/exp/89203

6 leaves oral Salvia officinalis (tea)
An Intense Experience

This is an account detailing my first experience making tea with Salvia offcinalis 'Berggarten' (cooking sage) leaves

When I was 16, I had an herb garden that was generally unchecked by my parents, so I decided to grow both culinary and (legal) psychoactive herbs, like basil and mugwort and such, I also grew cooking sage ('berggarten' variety), and I had used it many times for both food (non-psychoactively) and in 'sage cigarettes', which I found produced a plesant, long lasting buzz.

However, one night, in late July, 2009, at about 7:45 pm, I decided to experiment with making sage tea with 6 fresh leaves off my plant, expecting a buzz like the one I found when I smoked the sage.

So, I brewed some water and poured out about 10 ounces of water into a medium sized (12 0z.) coffee mug, and let the leaves free float in the water with about 5-7 fresh stevia leaves from my plant for sweetening (which didn't seem to do much as it was still bitter as hell), I let this brew for about 12 minutes.

8:05 PM, I drank this tea (which tasted so bad I thought I was going to puke! At that point, it was the worst thing I had ever tasted) in 5 minutes, and about 10-15 minutes, my head started to feel vibrational and 'tingly' (head buzz), like the times I smoked sage. At about 20-25 minutes after I finished drinking, I started to see blotches of red (with a voilet tint) and a dull purple color projected onto objects around the room (objects were fully visible, just purple or red where the blotches were) and the head buzz had gotten very intense. After about 5-10 minutes of these effects steadily increasing, I blacked out.

When I came to, I had a soaring head buzz that was continuous, and I was experiencing hallucinations, I was on the front lawn, except, instead of grass 'covered', there were periodic small clusters of three blades of grass, spread out in a perfect grip pattern, alternating with singular stevia leaves sticking out of the sand, on a sandy feild version of our front lawn, I could see my neighbors houses around around the lawn and the street as normal. I looked up, and I saw a giant version of my brother, floating with a giant version of my moms head
I saw a giant version of my brother, floating with a giant version of my moms head
, in the sky (which was purple on the left side of me gradually transitioning into red on the right [both the same shades I had seen blotched before blacking out], and had violet swirling streaks running acrossed it with yellow-white five pointed stars), and watched and listened while my Brothers body dissolve away as he told me something profoundly philosophical, which I can't remember, and watching both of there heads float away together while I was screaming 'It's not fair!', sobbing, and tearing out the leaves and grass in front of me.

When, they were gone, my head buzz began to fade, and everything became flat is if in an isolated and enclosed rectangular cube. The lawn became the carpet in my bedroom, I saw my bed, and the walls of my bedroom slowly appeared where the dimensions of the enclosed walls of the cube were, slowly growing up from the floor, covering the images of being outside, which were still vivid as ever, and remained so, until replaced by my bedroom, from the floor up, until, I was left only with the sky, and the twinkling stars and violet swirls still running across it, which slowly faded away to be my ceiling. My head buzz was very weak at this point, it was 9:45 PM, and I had discovered that I had never left my room, I was left to assume everything I had seen and heard from about 8:45-50, was just a series of very intense visual and auditory hallucinations, this was further verified by my mother who, upon later talking to her, informed me she was concerned because I spent the hour in question, especially towards the end, screaming behind my closed bedroom door, she did not check on me for worry that I might be further upset if not left to deal with the issue alone (I have never responded well to others in a frantic state). Luckily she bought that I was asleep and was having a nightmare I did not want to discuss (I also talk in my sleep from time to time), and she dismissed it.

It is also important to note that that week, I had also partook in smoking Salvia nemorosa 'blue hill sage' leaves (5 days prior) and making tea with the same also (6 days prior), making oriental poppy pod tea (1 pod) (3 days prior), chewing 3 fresh mugwort leaves 2 days prior, and using an emergency inhaler the day before the experience, I was on no other prescriptions at that point in my life and took nothing (except the minute amounts of caffiene present in Coca-cola) the day of the dosage.

I experienced no after effects from taking this drink.

I have spontaniously decided to reproduce this drink at varying points in my life since then, using smaller doses (2-5 leaves), I have gotten similar hallucinogenic experiences, with intensities varying rather logically with the number of leaves used and are as followed ( all doses used at least twice)all doses plateaued for about an hour and took a half hour to peak, the plateau is what is described here:

2 leaves was a milder experience producing moderately vivid hallucinations of objects, and small images, unrelated to each other

3 leaves was a moderate experience with short-lived, unrelated moderately vivid visual 'fantasies'

4 leaves had a strongly vivid visual fantasy that lasted the entire hour

5 leaves produced an intense visual and auditory fantasy, with a black out period that stretched from about 20-25 minutes in to the 'trip' and lasted about 15-20 minutes and returned me to the trip in time to finish up the hour experience

Adding various other subatances to the tea added the effects of that substance to the experience, but all remained distinctly seperate, and did not synergize in any way with the sage's effects.

Using purchased supermarket sage also produced range of the effects from 2-4 leaves, when a dose ranging from a teaspoon to a tablespoon was taken on seperate occasions, the exeption to this I noted was with 'rubbed sage', which yeilded no effects from any dose, likewise, I have tried rubbing my own fresh sage, (I.e. Rubbing the 'fur' off) which also turned up a lack of effects, young leaves, at the same time, young leaves, which have more 'fur' on them, have, when taken in the same mass, yeilded higher results, leading me to believe that the psychoactive constituents the plant possesses are to be found in the 'fur' of the plant.

I know that my experiences may seem farfetched, but they really did happen.

Exp Year: 2009ExpID: 89203
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 16
Published: Dec 8, 2019Views: 3,273
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