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Funding & Support
Erowid Center is supported by donations from the public, like public radio (NPR) or public television (BBC). The Erowid website is a service project, changing the nature of publicly available information about psychoactive plants and drugs. Because of the controversial nature of the topic, we rely on the contributions of individuals and organizations who support our goals.

One of the strengths of the Erowid Project is long-term consistency. People need to be able to rely on resources to be available (not just now, but next year and the year after), active (with corrections handled quickly), and up-to-date. We serve information to more than 85,000 unique visitors each day, more than 15 million each year.

With this tremendous interest, we have a small core staff of skilled, knowledgable and reliable editors and researchers working on the project on a daily basis. Donations and membership dues are used to cover costs and maintain, update, and expand the data available in the online library and support all of Erowid Center's educational projects.

For more information, visit the Funding section of our FAQ.