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Oakland Psychedelic Conference
(Sep 16-17, 2023) in Oakland, CA

The Oakland Hyphae / Hyphae Labs event brings together cultivators, scientists, artists, ceremony holders, activists, and more.

Women's Visionary Council
(Oct 6-8, 2023) in Berkeley, CA

Since 2007, this event has amplified the voices of women and elders who work with psychedelics.
Latest Additions
The Teafaerie returns with an amazing piece of spoken word poetry that calls out the responsibilities and weirdnesses of facilitating psychedelic experiences. Some brilliant Teafaerie styling. Best when listened to, but you can read along with the transcription as well.
The Erowid Crew has put thousands of hours into sorting, scanning and reviewing items in the physical Shulgin Collection. This is an update and description of the complexities of the process, with three examples of gems uncovered by our team.
PharmChem was an important anonymous drug analysis program in the 1970s. They published a newsletter that included both interesting historical notes about street drugs and row-by-row results of their analysis. We've just published the six issues from 1972.
Drug Geek Factlet
Seventy percent of ketamine samples analyzed via Erowid's DrugsData project since March 2019 have contained "Ketamine Precursor A", (CAS #6740-87-0). Synonyms include "Ketamine Related Compound A" and "Ketamine Impurity A". We believe the presence of this precursor means that a sample is unlikely to be North American or European pharmaceutical grade ketamine.
DrugsData is an Erowid project conducting lab testing of psychoactive drugs including ecstasy/molly, blotter, research chems, and opioids. We publish results online as well as re-publishing analyses from other testing programs.

Since 2020, we've been doing a lot more street opioid and cocaine analysis. Check out how horrible some of the opioid results are. Note that almost all things sold as LSD tested by our lab are LSD. And also there's a bunch of super potent drugs sold as heroin/fentanyl that contain "itazenes", such as the "N-desethyl Etonitazene".
Crew Notes
It was great to meet some of you in Denver at the Psychedelic Science conference in June! Fire & earth gave a State of the Stone talk, and reflected on the changes since the 2017 MAPS conference in Oakland. So Much Change.

Meanwhile, a shout out to our volunteer teams especially our experience report crew (extra thanks to Halfmoon) and the those who help with DrugsData (extra thanks to roi, Y, EE, and KK.)
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  • "The Psychedelic Renaissance is Here"
    "If managing expectations in a more realistic way is key to policy and cultural success, so are institutions like Erowid, a well-respected online clearinghouse for all sorts of information about psychedelics."
  • "The largest psychedelic conference in history just happened"
    The Manual (July 22, 2023)
    "Many of the old heads within the movement expressed their worry about how the psychedelic culture will change as commercialization ramps up. As one of the founders of the renowned drug information website Erowid told me, it’s clear that what had once been an activist movement is increasingly becoming a commercial movement."
More New Content
  1. Microgram Bulletin July 1972
    Microgram monthly newsletter from July 1972. Still labeled as published by the BNDD (Bureau of Narcotics and Dangerous Drugs). Includes some drug sample analysis including an unusual "brown material" containing a combination of cannabis and methaqualone. Also a simplified method of separating cocaine from adulterants and contemporary Federal Registry entries.
From the Vaults
After years of working in virtual anonymity, in 2015 Erowid and Team Shulgin were pleased to finally be able to present the story of a low profile member of the unapproved research community.
Experience Reports
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